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    Build application(s) with iFLYTEK's open speech and other APIs, including but not limited to speech recognition, speech synthesis, voice evaluation, machine translation, face recognition and voiceprint.

    Nowadays, artificial intelligence is powering many sectors, including finance, healthcare, education, customer service, etc.

    On such occasion, iFLYTEK Open Platform decides to open multi-technologies, such as AIUI, speech recognition, speech synthesis, voice evaluation, to AI developers to help them build their own smart applications for this challenge.

    Join us, you can get


    Free SDKs at iFLYTEK.


    60% discount of iFLYTEK hardware services.



    You shall use at least one of iFLYTEK's APIs in your work.


    In case of any speech and image related APIs used in your work(s), you shall use iFLYTEK's APIs preferentially. You shall use no more than one APIs offered by any other providers other than iFLYTEK.


    The theme of your work(s) shall be healthy, legal and without any harmful information or commercial promotion, and it shall not violate any laws or regulations of the People's Republic of China.


    You shall guarantee that your work is original and do not infringe any third-party intellectual property or other rights. In case that any such infringements are detected or reported, you will be disqualified.



    Apply (22/03-10/07)

    Apply for the challenge from Mar. 22, 2018

    Check your status and upload your work through your own account at the official website: Please register an account first if you don't have one.


    Preliminary (15/04-19/07)

    Submit your work from April 15 to 00:00, Jul. 19, 2018

    Update or delete your work through the Personal Center of your account.

    The preliminary review will be end at 18:00, Jul. 19, 2018

    Top 128 will be qualified to the Semifinal.


    Quarterfinal (20/07-24/07)

    TOP 128 in Preliminary will be enter the Quarterfinal and judged by call from us. At this step, 32 teams will be qualified to the Semifinal. You can check your status in personal center.


    Semifinal (25/07-19/10)

    Semifinal will be acted through roadshow in Shanghai, Hongkong and Beijing irrespectively where 32 teams will present their work. Finally, top 8 teams will be enter the Final and invited to attend iFLYTEK 1024 Developer Festival.


    Final ((24/10)

    Top 8 will be qualified to the Final at iFLYTEK 1024 Developer Festival in Hefei, Anhui Province, on Oct. 24, 2018.

    You shall prepare for the final with 10-minute speech and 5-minute Q&A.

    The first place, second place, third place and winning prize winners (5 places) will be selected on Oct. 24, 2018. Your performance in both the Final and Semifinal will be considered for our judgment.

    Judge Criterions



    Your work should be innovative enough to express your uniqueness.



    Your work should be high-qualified to meet users' needs and give them a good experience.


    Degree of integration with AI

    By using AI technologies, you should make your product more intelligent with more functions.


    Business prospect

    Your work should be given a clear business plan to make it more promising.